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Rotax Max Grand Final 2013

SPORTKU.COM - Indonesia wajib berbangga karena tiga pegokartnya akan berlaga di kejuaraan dunia Rotax Max Grand Final 2013 yang akan diselenggarakan di NOLA Autopark, New Orleans, Amerika Serikat pada 10-17 November 2013.

Indonesia Independence Day

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Revealed Soon

Announcing: Starting March 1st 2013, Bali Gokart Rental moved to give a better challenge in kart racing with better facilities, to make it more comfortable to customer. Revealed soon


At Bali Gokart Rental, we can cater for a range of different groups, depending on the reason for your visit. The three different formats on offer bellow allow small, medium and large groups to enjoy our facilities. If you\'re simply looking to burn a few laps around our track or organizing an event for you and your friends, the guide below will help point you in the right direction.

Arrive & Drive

The “Arrive & Drive” format is as simple as doing just that. From the youngest to the most experienced of drivers, this format is perfect for the spontaneous racer. With 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute sessions available, this is the quickest and easiest way to give you the adrenaline rush that you\'re looking for. We recommend that you call in advance to ensure we are available and you are not disappointed.

Individual Programs

Our individual race programs are available for groups with drivers minimum height 140 cm, ranging between 10 and 22 drivers. Often chosen as a corporate function or social group activity, our range of programs on offer range in price and time to suite your own requirements. With exclusive use of the circuit, these programs will allow you to be crowned champion and take bragging rights over your friends or colleagues. Booking in advance is a must!


Our go-kart fleet is custom designed for our circuit and we are constantly tuning and tweaking our fleet for optimal reliability and performance. Individual go-karts can be tailored to suit each driver’s age and ability. We pride ourselves on the even handling and speed of our karts, resulting in the most level playing field for your race event.

Kart Specification


Kart Specification :   
Honda GX200 4 stoke engine      
Max speed 60 Km / hour      
35 mm chassis construction      
44 mm axle      
Rear disc brake fitted      
Fully adjustable pedal positioning      
Alumunium Whell      
Impact absorbing body work      
Adjustable seat system      
Italian made body works ( Morac )      
Italian licenced chassis factory      



Combining business and entertainment is a sure way to build and improve relationships.

Bali Gokart rental has developed a range of programs designed to accelerate the senses, stimulate discussion and fine-tune the skills of your workforce or group. We tailor an experience to meet your needs and budget, and to exceed the expectations of your guests. You can select from a variety of options to build a custom program for a wide variety of events, such as:


  • Product launches and sales presentations
  • Staff rewards
  • Client entertainment
  • Staff training and team building sessions
  • End of year celebrations and social club outings
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Corporate Race battle
  • ETC,,,


Public 60 K Per Race 5 Minutes
Student 40 K Per Race 5 Minutes
Happy Hours (Tuesday - Thursday, 12:00 - 15:00) 40 k Per Race 5 Minutes
Corporate Depends on term & Condition Contact Us For more information  
Special Occasion Depends on term & Condition Contact us for more information  


Whatever the occasion, you will be delighted with our personalised service and customer care at Speed City go-kart circuit. We guarantee to make the day a “Real Fun Racing Experience” and a great way to socialise with your guests and friends.

Rental Rules



1. Ikuti instruksi yang di berikan oleh petugas lintasan.
( Follow all instruction given by the crew and track officials )


2. Pengemudi gokart bertanggung jawab atas semua kerusakan gokart dan perlengkapan pendukung yang di akibatkan oleh kecerobohan saat mengemudi.
( Gokart drivers are fully responsible for any damages incurred from bad driving behavior )


3. Jangan membawa barang berharga seperti handphone, dompet,camera dsb. Pada saat anda mengemudikan gokart.
( Avoid to bring any valuable thing such as mobile phone, wallet, camera etc while driving gokart )


4. Hindari benturan dengan gokart lain untuk menjaga keamanan dan kenyamanan anda dan orang lain.
( Avoid any bumping and collisions with other kart for safety reason and other convenience )


5. Selain pengemudi gokart dan petugas tidak diijinkan berada di dalam lintasan.
( Except drivers and crews nobody allowed be inside the track )


6. Pengemudi gokart harus menyadari bahwa permainan atau olah raga ini cukup berbahaya dan beresiko dan management tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala resiko kecelakaan yang terjadi yang di akibatkan oleh perilaku pengemudi gokart.
( All gokart drivers must conscious that gokart driving is full of risk and the management is not responsible for any accident causing from driving behavior )


Track Rules



1.Gokart dikemudikan dengan setir dan jangan menginjak pedal gas dan rem pada saat bersamaan, pedal kiri untuk rem dan pedal kanan untuk gas.

( Our kart are controlled by steering and foot do not press both pedals at the same times, left pedal forbrace and right pedal for throtle )


2. Selalu pegang kemudi selama mengemudi gokart.
( Always hold the steering wheel while driving gokart )


3. Jika gokart berhenti atau spin angkat kedua tangan dan jangan keluar dari gokart sampai situasi aman.
( If the Kart stoped or spin, rise your hands and keep stay on the Kart until the situation is safe. )


4. Angkat tangan sewaktu akan berhenti atau kembali ke Pit area setelah lomba / game selesai.
( Raise your hand when you want to stop / finish the race / game )


5. Berikan jalan kepada pengemudi yang lebih capat.
( Give way to the faster kart behind you )


6. Dilarang menabrak atau menghalangi gokart lain.
( Do not bumping or blocking other Kart )


7. Pengemudi tidak boleh menyentuh atau menyetel mesin.
( Driver are prohibited to touch or setting the engine )


8. Ketika ada bendera di lambaikan perhatikan dengan baik dan ikuti instruksi dari petugas.
( When flag displayed, pay attention and follow the instruction from the marshall )


9. Perhatikan arah mengemudi yang benar, dilarang mengemudikan dengan berlawanan arah.
( Just follow the correct direction of the track, and prohibited to drive opposite track direction )


10. Di wajibkan menggunakan helm dan jacket pelindung.
( You are compulsory to use helmet and jackets )


11. Tidak di perkenankan mengunakan sandal atau tanpa alas kaki.
(You are not allowed to use sandals or bare foot )


12. Pengemudi bertanggung jawab atas kerusakan yang terjadi pada gokart atau kecelakaan yang di akibatkan cara mengemudi yang membahayakan.
( Driver are fully responsible for any damage from bad driving behavior or ignoring the rules )


13. Tidak seorang pun yang terkena pengaruh alkohol atau narkoba di perkenankan untuk mengemudi gokart, petugas berhak untuk mengeluarkan orang tersebut dari track.
( No person under influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted driving kart / management reserves the rights to exclude such person of the track )





Red White Flag

Lomba / permainan di mulai.
( Start of race )


Black White Flag (chequered flag)

Lomba / Permainan berakhir, turunkan kecepatan dalam putraran terakhir menuju petunjuk stop.
( End of race / game, slowdown and continue around the track and stop at the pit )


Red Flag

Lomba / permainan di hentikan.
( Race / Game stopped )


Blue Flag

Ada peserta yang lebih cepat di belakang anda mohon berikan jalur / ruang.
( Faster kart approaching you, give way to them )


Yellow Flag

Hati hati ada kejadian atau halangan di depan anda, kurangi kecepatan dan tidak boleh mendahului.
( Caution there is an incident in front of you, reduce your speed and do not overtake )


Green Flag

Lintasan aman, Lomba / Permainan dapat dilanjutkan.
( Track is clear, race / game continued )


Black Flag

Jika dilambaikan kepada salah seorang pengemudi gokart, maka pengemudi tersebut harus segera kembali ke pit untuk berhenti.
( Return immediatly to the pit and stop )


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